When you watch these brand new, up-to-date, training videos, you’ll discover the fastest & easy way to learn and master WordPress! These shortcut strategies take you by the hand and lead you through the WordPress creation process step-by-simple-step. Just follow along and create your Website, Blog or Store — you’ll be up and running in no time!


There are two ways to do everything.

The Easy Way and the Hard Way

With us, you’re guaranteed to learn the easy way.

WordPress is easy. Despite what you may have been told or experienced, all you need is the right coach! Many have tried unravelling the mystery behind them but have been plunged into more chaos. Here, we make learning fun with our easy-to-understand courses and video tutorials; you are sure to get ahead with your WordPress very quickly.

Become a Pro Now!

Our courses are rich in content, with every concept thoroughly explained for your easy comprehension. Our focus is to make you the expert you desire to become by employing our master teaching skills and our years of excellence in the field of WordPress and Web design.

With our expert tutelage, You will…

  • Be able to create a professional WordPress website or store that is fully functional from scratch.
  • Learn how to customize, edit and structure your website just the way you desire.
  • Learn basic tricks of search engine optimisation (SEO) and how to gear its exciting tools for the success of your website.
  • Understand the various plugins for WordPress and how to install them on your website.?
  • Learn how to secure your WordPress and much more…..

Learning WordPress Has Never Been Easier!

All you have to do is push play, then watch & do what I do. And I’m going to give you the best time saving shortcuts that you’ll not see anywhere else.


From total beginner to pro user of WordPress

Always Up-to-Date

WordPress is always making changes to their program so keeping your training up to date WAS A PROBLEM – NOT ANYMORE. In addition to keeping these updated, I’m adding new training as well.

190 + WordPress Training Videos

Courses are Grouped into 12 Volumes in a logical order for ease of learning. You can take a volume/course individually that interests you, or take a Membership with 6 or 12 bundled courses. These WordPress training videos are simple, unique, and easy to follow.

Geek Speak Free

I’ve been a rabid fan of WordPress since 2010 when I released my first WordPress training course. Being self-taught, I remember the frustration of deciphering all that techno jargon, so you will NOT find any here.

Particular WordPress topic

If you are only interested in a paticular WordPress topic, you can take a Volume of your interest individually. Each one created with YOU in mind.

Build your own Website or Business Now!

Don't let your inexperience or lack of knowledge hold you back... The time to make your web presence known is now! And these videos are some of the best videos ever produced to get you started fast.

Over-The-Shoulder Videos

All you have to do is push play, then watch & do what I do. And I'm going to give you the best time saving shortcuts that you'll not see anywhere else.



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